The Cat Cottage is a separate, self-contained building designed by experts in feline care to provide a spacious, comfortable environment for each feline guest.

The Cottage offers twenty-five individual condos and a playroom with a Kitty Jungle Gym, as well as a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry and storage area for cat carriers. It features a 100% fresh air HVAC system for optimal health and odor control. It is locked for security 24/7.

Each condo is designed for one cat, although they can work well for families of two who are used to sharing a space. We cannot accommodate more than two cats in each condo. The condos are cleaned daily. The litter is scooped 4 times a day. Each custom-built, floor-to-ceiling unit features:

catcottageinterior2» Five levels

» Full-length window extending from the second level to the top level to create a stimulating environment

» Private, hidden litter box area on lowest level

» Special bedding and hiding cubes

Food and water are available all day and we can serve fresh food up to three times daily.