Singular Dog

Why should the social set have all the fun?

Let’s face it – group situations aren’t for everyone. Not every human gets picked for the softball team, scintillates at the cocktail party, enjoys arena-sized crowds and, if we are to be honest here, not every human plays well with others. So why should dogs be any different?

The Farm has created a fun-filled, safe, Dog’s Day Out for your special friend who is gifted with that Singular Personality: The Singular Dog.

This busy day could suit just about any dog, but is particularly recommended for dogs who become over-stimulated in an all-day group environment, who are not socially interactive, or who have medical limitations.

  • Choose from a selection of one-on-one activities with a handler – including Nature Walks, Pet ‘n Cuddle, Fetch and Playtime.

  • Program runs Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays ONLY.

  • Please note that we require a reservation at least 24-hours in advance for the Singular Dog Program. We take only 6 dogs per day so please make sure you book early for the dates you need!


» One Day Visit: $38

» Half Day Singular Dog (available with Bathery & Spa service only): $24

» 12-Day Singular Package: $408. This package lasts for one year from date of purchase and reduces the daily rate to $34. It may be used for all dogs in your family who are Singular Dogs.

The Singular Dog is available to book Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays with the following exceptions for holiday/high demand periods when all suites are occupied by boarding guests:

Blackout Dates 2019:
January 1 – January 3 (New Year Holiday)
March 12th – March 26th (Spring Break)
April 18th- April 23rd (Easter Holiday)
May 22nd – May 29th (Memorial Day)
June 27th – July 10th (July 4th Holiday)
August 28th – September 4th (Labor Day)
October 2nd – October 23rd (Fall Break)
November 20th – December 4th (Thanksgiving)
December 17th – January 2nd (Winter Holidays)


Fetch session