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Meet Shelley Brunjak, The Farm’s new Daycare Manager!

We are pleased to announce that a new manager for our Dog’s Day Out Daycare program has been selected. We look forward to Shelley Brunjak moving into that position from her current position in lodging.

As well as demonstrating a love of animals, an admirable work ethic, and abundant good humor each day, Shelley has a strong administrative background which makes her an excellent choice for the challenges of growing our Dog’s Day Out Daycare Program.

Shelley graduated from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO with a degree in Family & Consumer Sciences. She has since worked in the field of education where she was part of a team working on “Big Picture” projects, creating plans and practices to improve teaching and learning in the High School environment.

Shelley lives in Nashville with her fiancé, Luke, and her English Bulldog, Crusher. It was, in fact, Crusher who led Shelley to The Farm back in August.

We welcome Shelley to her new position and look forward to what she and her team will accomplish with our Dog’s Day Out Daycare Program in 2012.