Special Needs

The Farm at Natchez Trace has earned a reputation as specialists in dealing with pets who need extra care as the result of injury, illness, disability or old age. Our high caregiver-to-pet ratio, and our experienced, compassionate 24-hour staff are the lynchpin of this.

To further provide for cats needing special care we have a special boarding package and spacious single-level condos.

SINGLE-LEVEL ACCOMODATION: For cats unable to jump or climb, or those who would be at risk to do so, we provide two-room single-level suites with floor-ceiling windows. There is no additional charge but please let us know in advance to reserve this type of suite.

THE SPECIAL NEEDS KITTY*: $80 (*insulin injections, incontinence, inability to walk/eat unaided; infirmities requiring additional personal care)
» Soothing Pet ‘N Cuddle Morning & Afternoon
» Caregiver assistance with feeding as needed–or- additional food monitoring for diabetic cats
» Routinely refreshing your cat’s private condo with clean bedding