Feeding Options

You are welcome to bring your pet’s regular food to avoid changing diets. We prefer the food is pre-portioned (one portion per meal) and we always recommend bringing a little extra in case of unforeseen delays in picking up your pet.

Should you prefer to use our House Food, we offer all-natural foods from the Fromm Company, a fifth-generation family-owned-and-operated pet food company. This quality dry food contains duck, chicken, lamb, oatmeal, pearled barley & brown rice, and is also available in our THR!VE market. For further information on these foods see Fromm Gold Adult and  Fromm Gold Puppy

Feeding Arrangements

Breakfast is served around 7 a.m. and Dinner is served at 5 p.m. Lunch, should it be required, is served at noon. Arrangements can be made if your pet is on a specific feeding schedule or has special requirements.

We like to know how well our guests are eating while they are at The Farm, so in the case of dogs who are sharing a suite, a staff member will sit in with them at meal times. This ensures that each dog eats what he/she is supposed to eat, and prevents any disagreements during feeding time. We do not leave food down (free feed) families of dogs boarding in the same suite, but we can sit with them for meals up to three times a day.

Feeding Problems

Dogs sometimes don’t eat well when transitioning to a new environment. If, however, your dog doesn’t show an interest in eating 24 hours after arrival, we like to add a small amount of canned food to promote appetite. We ask your permission to do this in the registration paperwork. If we do not have this authorization we will get in touch with you to suggest alternative methods. The food we use for this purpose is Fromm Gold Chicken Pate.

The Farm will add a small amount of pumpkin to a meal to help with diarrhea or constipation. Pumpkin can be an easy fix for tummy troubles because of the fiber content which can help with both conditions. The soluble fiber in pumpkin absorbs water, which can help to solidify runny stool when your dog has diarrhea. The fiber can also help with the opposite problem, by loosening up the packed stool in the case of constipation.  The pumpkin we keep on hand for these situations is called Firm Up! In addition to pumpkin, this product contains apple fiber which also supports and maintains lower bowel function. Firm Up! is-

  • USA-grown-and-harvested pumpkin and apple
  • An excellent high fiber, low fat supplement that supports digestive and immune systems
  • A dehydrated product to which we add water, thereby reducing waste
  • Provided if needed, and with the client’s approval, to guests to maintain their health while boarding, at no additional cost 

Please check your registration paperwork to click on the authorization needed for this, and, of course, check with your vet if you have questions. Further details on pumpkin’s value in a canine diet can be found here.