Q: What is included in a bath or groom?

A:  Each bath uses one of our all-natural shampoos and conditioners and includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression for small dogs, blow dry and brush out. For long-haired dogs, a “tidy” is performed (trimming the paw pads and sanitary area). Grooms (meaning actual haircuts) allow for 15 minutes of dematting; if dematting exceeds 15 minutes, there is an additional fee.

Q: Help! My dog is badly matted! What can you do for me?

A:   There are two options: either the overall hair length can be shortened from the originally planned length (how short depends on the depth of the mats), or the mats can be brushed out for an extra charge if it takes more than 15 minutes. If the matting is only in discrete areas, such as behind the ears and between the legs, these are generally cut out and blended.

Q: How do I keep my pet from matting in between grooms or baths?

A:   The best way to keep a dog or cat tangle-free is to brush on a regular basis, with frequency depending on breed. Some breeds need to be brushed daily. Just ask our staff for a demonstration for the most effective and efficient brushing technique and suggestions for the appropriate tools.

Q:  How do I make sure I get the groom I want?

A:  Talking to the groomer one-on-one is the best way to avoid miscommunication. We offer the opportunity to consult with the groomer–either by meeting with the groomer ahead of time, or on arrival -and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity the first time you bring your pet.

Q: What time should I bring my pet for a groom or bath?

A: Baths and grooms (haircuts) are performed every day, 7 days a week. Dogs to be groomed should be dropped at either 8:30 am or Noon. Your specific appointment time will be scheduled when you call to book your pet’s appointment. There will be an opportunity to meet with the groomer upon drop-off. If you’re bringing your dog for a bath only, the typical drop-off time is between 10am and 11am. 

Q: Can I combine Daycare and a bath or groom for my dog?

A:  Absolutely!  We will fit the bath in between activities for dogs participating in Adventure Day Camp. Woof Club members can choose to do a Half Day Play-Half Day Salon. Please note that dogs will be taken to the salon between 12pm and 1pm so bring them early that morning for maximum fun!

Q: What is the special handling fee?

A:  Bathery staff are experienced and highly-trained in handling all type of dogs. There are some cases for which we need to bring in a second handler to assist in holding a dog and for that there is an additional fee. The special handling fee will be added to the charges at the staff’s discretion. We reserve the right to use a muzzle only if it is deemed absolutely necessary for safety.