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Canine Influenza Update, August 13, 2022 :

Local veterinarians are reporting a number of confirmed cases of Canine Flu in Middle TN and it seems that we may be facing a significant outbreak of this illness in our area. In addition, there is a widespread outbreak of Canine Cough (Kennel Cough). The early symptoms for both are the same so watch out for coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, fever, lethargy, decreased appetite. In the case of Canine Flu the symptoms may be more severe and present a greater risk for more serious illness and secondary infections such as pneumonia.

Although most reported cases are mild and most dogs feel better within a few days, this influenza is contagious and we encourage our clients to do their own research to stay informed. Should your dog exhibit any symptoms, take it seriously and consult your vet. Senior dogs, puppies, and those with compromised immunity are more at risk of becoming seriously ill if they contract the virus. While The Farm is not currently requiring vaccination against Canine Influenza we do recommend consulting with your vet.

We have taken steps to reduce our occupancy numbers and have temporarily removed “Group Play Sessions” from the menu of options usually enjoyed by our guests. Our Main Lodge for Overnight Lodging & Adventure Day Camp guests was built with a floor plan and an HVAC system designed to reduce the risk of airborne diseases. Woof Club and the Salon, however, cannot provide any such protections. Throughout the facility, The Farm maintains very strict hygiene protocols and procedures and is vigilant in assessing any respiratory symptoms in our guests. However it is not possible to guard 100% against a highly contagious infection in any environment shared by more than one dog. We are staying abreast of local developments and will continue to keep you informed in this space.


A Virtual Tour of The Farm is a great way to explore our facility! You can check out every nook and cranny of our beautiful campus without leaving your home. In person tours are available anytime.


We regret that, as of January 2022, we are not accepting NEW groom clients in order to provide better service to our regular and long-term guests. We hope this will be a temporary situation.


Group Training Classes are currently forming so claim a spot or get more information here.


We ask for your patience in allowing us time to get back to you if you call or email us. Each call and email will be answered in turn. Please leave only one message/email as multiples just slow us down. We also suggest that you search the website for the information you need and, before calling, make sure you register with us by clicking on the “RESERVATIONS’ button at the bottom of the page.


THR!VE Healthy Pet Store constantly adds new and interesting foods, treats and supplements to its all-natural, 100% good for you, product line-up. Make sure you check it out when you visit, or make it easy and order online for delivery or pickup!


Vaccines are of the utmost importance in helping us keep our environment safe and healthy for your pet!  We encourage you to keep up with your dog’s Bordetella vaccine schedule as that is the one everyone forgets! We require a visiting dog to have had this vaccine within 6 months of their reservation.



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