Cat Lodging

The Standard of Purrfection

cat-lodging Our Cat Cottage provides a safe haven away from dogs; our condos are designed to feel safe and cozy while simultaneously offering plenty of climbing space for exercise; our handlers offer opportunities to be cuddled and to play, but are mindful that some guests might take a while to “warm up” to their new environment.
At The Farm we do everything in our power to make sure our guests are as content and comfortable as possible. In addition to what we provide, you are welcome to bring their own special things – whatever you believe will enhance the experience for your pet. Please, however, do not bring anything which cannot be washed in hot water or which is of sentimental value. catcottage

PLEASE NOTE: Under Covid-19 Restrictions our feline guests will no longer be invited to use the Playroom. This space is normally used consecutively by our guests but until there is further research into feline susceptibility to this virus, we believe it safer to avoid shared spaces. Each cat or family of cats will be separated from other cats  by a distance of 3 feet (one condo).