The Cottage offers single-level and multi-level condos and a playroom with a Kitty Jungle Gym as well as a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry and storage area for cat carriers. It features a 100% fresh air HVAC system for optimal health and odor control. It is locked for security 24/7.

Each condo is designed for one cat, although they can work well for families of two who are used to sharing a space. We cannot accommodate more than two cats in each condo. The condos are cleaned daily. The litter is scooped 4 times a day. Food and water are available all day and we can serve fresh food up to three times daily. A hide-away cube and a soft blanket are provided in each condo.



Multi-Level Condos are 8’ tall and are on five levels. The lowest level has a private, hidden litter box area. A full-length window extending to the top level creates a stimulating environment and allows the cat to bird-watch, sunbathe and generally keep an eye on what’s going on.

Single-Level Condos are reserved for cats unable to jump or climb, or those who would be at risk to do so. Please make sure you notify us in advance to book one of these suites. For senior cats who are able to climb and jump, the Single Level Condo might still be a good option so they are not forced to jump up and down to reach food, water and kitty litter.