Main Lodge

The Main Lodge provides several different types of luxury indoor suites for our canine guests. Our aim is to match each guest with the best suite for his/her individual personality and need. Therefore, we offer Private and Community Suites ranging in size from 28 sq.ft. to 144 sq.ft.

In addition to 24-hour care, the suites also feature: 

  • Insulated walls, ceilings, and doors for optimum noise control
  • Natural light from large windows
  • Low-volume television and stereo music system
  • Selection of top-quality raised beds
  • Customized poured flooring for insulation and comfort
  • Daily monitoring charts for all guests
  • 100% fresh air systems for optimum health, odor, and climate control
  • 24-hour monitored smoke and fire alarm system

Contact us  with questions or to book your pet’s stay.