The Farm’s History


The Farm’s History

Bengal: my best friend and the inspiration for The Farm at Natchez Trace

As pet owners, we started out over two decades ago with a mission in mind: we knew there had to be a better way to board our pets.

Inspired by high-end kennels in resort areas in other parts of the country, I began to learn more about pet lodging that was completely customizable. I knew this was something I wanted to bring to Middle Tennessee, and this kernel of an idea became a passion.

It took three years of research, industry trade seminars and shows, meetings with veterinarians, architects specializing in animal hospitals and kennels, and visits to other facilities to bring my vision to life. I’ll always be especially grateful to Mr. Walter Morris and Ms. Joanne Morris of Morris Animal Inn, a family owned facility in Morristown, New Jersey, who graciously provided me invaluable advice and direction.

The hard work was worth it — we broke ground on what would become The Farm in 2001, and have since welcomed hundreds of pets and their families. We can’t wait to meet yours!

Linda Burnsed

The Farm welcomes all breeds, all ages and all temperaments of cats and dogs, but we will always reserve a special place in our hearts for the aged, the needy, the anxious and the recuperating; and we will always be a safety net for those pets who have found it difficult adapting to being away from home.

Jack, Kaly and Savannah… Linda’s family today.