Q: How do I know which Dog’s Day Out Program will best suit my dog?

A:   Well, tell us what you think your dog will like, what YOU are looking for from daycare, and we’ll take it from there!  Not all dogs are a “fit” for the Woof Club but the Singular Dog may be customized for any size, age, or personality.

 Q: Do I need to make an appointment for daycare?

A: Yes! For Singular Dogs – we ask that you reserve at least 24 hours in advance. However, since space in that program is limited, we recommend booking as early as you can. Woof Club dogs should reserve to come weekly – at least once a week and on the same day/days each week to keep the “pack” consistent. This allows your dog to fit within the same group each time and makes for a stress-free, enjoyable play day. If you want to bring your dog for the first time, please refer to the Getting Started section.

Q: Feline Daycare…you’re kidding right?

A:   Not at all! Check it out.

Q: I want my puppy socialized but I’m concerned that all day in the group might be too much for him.

A:   Sometimes Woof Club can be overstimulating or just overwhelming for a younger puppy.  Our experienced handlers monitor all Woof Club members for signs of over-stimulation, overheating, getting too cold, getting cranky or just plain old wearing out.

Q: Why Quick-Release Velcro Safety Collars for Group Play?

A:   How do we balance the concept of safe play with the need to also ensure we can manage the dogs and move them/re-direct them when we need to?  This is the question that every one involved with supervising off-leash play needs to ask before carefully examining their processes and procedures to make sure they have a way to minimize risks. Since dogs play with their mouths there is a risk for teeth and jaws to become caught in another dog’s collar. This can result in choking, fighting, and serious injury. Velcro safety collars allow us to handle dogs safely and, in the event of an incident where one dog is caught up with another, they can be quickly undone from either of two velcro strips or, as a last resort, they can be cut off with a blunt-ended emergency seat-belt cutter which is specifically designed to protect a body while releasing it from a restraint.

NEVER use the Quick-Release Collars with a leash and don’t put tags on them. The whole point of these collars is that they can come apart. Your dog needs his normal collar outside of the Woof Club play areas

Q: Do you have transportation services? Can you pick my pet up from my home?

A:   Not yet (sorry!)

Q: Can you administer medications in daycare?

A:  Yes. Medications will be scheduled according to your instructions and you will be asked to sign a “Medication Sheet” on drop-off.  We can administer both “scheduled” and “as needed” medications during the day.  We do not stock or provide medications.

Q: Do you have web cams in the playfields?

A:  Nope.

Q: Is there any bath discount for dogs in the Daycare Program?

A:  No, but you can choose the “Half Daycare/Half Bath” option and get a discount on the daycare portion.

Q: Can my Golden Retriever play in the same group as my Toy Poodle?

A: Most of our dogs are in the larger group but we do have a separate group each day for toy dogs, very small dogs, and fragile dogs. If you want your family dogs to just play with one another you are welcome to sign them up for a day of personalized play in The Singular Dog program so they can have all their activities together.