Real Life Rover Group Classes

Training your dog isn’t as hard as you think!  Group classes, taught by DogSpeak, with lead trainer, Nikki Ivey, provide all the education you need in a fun and lively environment. Participants say the six weeks fly by and many of our basic level dogs go on to join the Intermediate Class.

Real Life Rover classes focus on building the relationship between humans and their dogs. Training is focused on skills for the real world. Humans and dogs will learn to work together effectively by setting clear expectations, using common communication skills and through interaction/bonding. Rather than focusing on luring or coercion, our classes use positive techniques to help dog owners teach their dogs real-life manners.


Real Life Rover Level 1: This class focuses on leash and foundation work to build up to off-leash manners. Some skills taught in this class include leash manners, automatic leave it, stay and distance response/recall. 

Real Life Rover Level 2: For graduates of the Level 1 class or equivalent (approval required for those who have not attended Level 1). This class expounds upon skills learned in Level 1 and introduces off-leash control around distractions. Skills taught include off-leash voice control, advanced stay and recall.  

Real Life Rover Championship Class (aka Level 2.5): For graduates of the Intermediate Class. This 6-week class expands upon the skills learned in the level 2 class by incorporating training games and friendly competition between participants. Each week, owners and dogs will use the skills they learned in intermediate class to compete in training-focused games in order to earn points. The team with the most points after 6 weeks wins a prize courtesy of the Farm and DogSpeak. This class will continue to focus on off-leash manners, bonding, canine enrichment and fun! 


Classes are held in our 4,000 sq.ft Woof Club Barn. When the weather is pleasant, Nikki will often take the class into the larger grassy area outdoors.  The class is a small group of 5 to 10, so there is plenty of space to work your pup. Dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations.

Treat bags are provided as part of the package, and high-quality, high-value treats will be available in the lobby.

Collars: Class work is done on a flat collar or martingale collar and a leash. E-Collars, choke chains or
prong-collars will not be used in this class.

Cost: $295, due in advance (non-refundable once the class has started).
Duration: Six weeks, with allowances for holidays. Best results will be achieved if you attend all six classes. Sign up here!

2022 Class Dates

LEVEL 1 (Basic) 

Mondays 6:30pm – 7:15pm & Mondays 7:30pm – 8:15pm

01/10/22 – 02/14/22    02/28/22 – 04/4/22     04/11/22 – 05/16/22     06/6/22– 07/18/22    

07/25/22 – 08/29/22     09/12/22 – 10/17/22     11/7/22 – 12/12/22  


LEVEL 2  (Intermediate)

For Graduates of Basic Training or equivalent

Thursdays 6:30pm – 7:15pm.

01/13/22 – 02/17/22    03/3/22 – 04/7/22     04/14/22 – 05/19/22     06/9/22– 07/14/22    

07/28/22 – 09/1/22     09/8/22 – 10/13/22     10/27/22 – 12/8/22  


LEVEL 2.5 (Competition Class)

For Graduates of Level 2 or equivalent

Thursdays 7:30pm – 8:15pm

01/13/22 – 02/17/22    03/3/22 – 04/7/22     04/14/22 – 05/19/22     06/9/22– 07/14/22    

07/28/22 – 09/1/22     09/8/22 – 10/13/22     10/27/22 – 12/8/22