COVID- 19 Updates

UPDATE March 12, 2022

In accordance with CDC guidelines and in response to lower numbers in Williamson County, we are no longer requiring masks be worn on the property. Masks are now optional for clients, staff and visiting members of the public.

UPDATE August 2, 2021

In accordance with recent CDC Guidelines we are requiring that all staff and visitors to our facility wear
face-coverings while indoors, whether you are vaccinated against Covid 19 or not. Masks will be provided
to visitors to the lobby who come unprepared. Masks are not required outdoors on the campus. We
appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep a safe working environment for our dedicated staff.

UPDATE  May 15, 2021 

In accordance with new CDC Guidelines published May 14th, we will be opening our Main Lobby and our Woof Club Lobby to our clients and the general public during business hours starting Monday, May 17th.   Mask-wearing is strongly encouraged for visitors who have not been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Farm Team Members who have not been fully vaccinated will continue to wear masks indoors.

In addition:

  • You are welcome to bring bedding and soft toys for your lodging pets. As before, these will be laundered the day before departure so please do not bring anything that cannot withstand a hot wash and a dryer.
  • We will continue our pre check in calls to ensure that all information is up-to-date and to minimize delay when dropping off your pet for lodging. Our reception team will manage any last minute changes but please allow extra time for check-in at the Reception Desk if updates need to be made to the pet’s file or to your information.
  • Any client preferring not to enter the lobby because of Covid-19 concerns is asked to call or text us to arrange Curbside Service. We are happy to provide this service for you upon request.
  • Tours of the facility will resume as before. You may drop by for a tour or, to reduce waiting time, you may call in advance and make an appointment. 
  • Cat Bathing will resume but we are not offering Cat Grooming (haircuts) at this time. 

UPDATE  April 18th, 2021 

After a full 12 months of providing ‘socially distanced’ accommodations to our feline guests, we are easing those restrictions and returning our Cat Cottage to normal occupancy. There have been no further reports of domestic cats made ill by Covid 19 in the US and we have heard of none in this area. Cats staying at The Farm never interact with cats from other households and, as always, The Farm’s 100% fresh air HVAC system does not recirculate/recycle air in our buildings. We believe these precautions sufficient to provide a safe and healthy environment for each guest.

The Playroom, with the armchair for snuggles and a climbing frame for fun, will be reopened for use by guests consecutively but never at the same time. Should you prefer that your cat NOT be allowed in this space, you can make that request with our Reservations Team at time of booking.

Cat Grooming continues to be suspended as most of the procedures require two staff members to work in close proximity.