COVID- 19 Updates

UPDATE  April 18th, 2021 

After a full 12 months of providing ‘socially distanced’ accommodations to our feline guests, we are easing those restrictions and returning our Cat Cottage to normal occupancy. There have been no further reports of domestic cats made ill by Covid 19 in the US and we have heard of none in this area. Cats staying at The Farm never interact with cats from other households and, as always, The Farm’s 100% fresh air HVAC system does not recirculate/recycle air in our buildings. We believe these precautions sufficient to provide a safe and healthy environment for each guest.

The Playroom, with the armchair for snuggles and a climbing frame for fun, will be reopened for use by guests consecutively but never at the same time. Should you prefer that your cat NOT be allowed in this space, you can make that request with our Reservations Team at time of booking.

Cat Grooming continues to be suspended as most of the procedures require two staff members to work in close proximity.

UPDATE November 2020

Covid Cancellation Policy. The Farm is a small business which, uniquely, offers the high standards you seek for your pets, by providing a caring, 24/7 staffing ratio which is unequalled in the pet care business in Middle Tennessee.  Our COVID-19 Policy (regarding cancellations) is as follows:

Cancellations necessitated by a Covid diagnosis in your family (which mean you cannot travel as you’d hoped) will be honored by The Farm as follows:

High Demand Periods & Holidays

  • Prior to 30 days before your pet’s arrival date, The Farm will refund 100% of your deposit should you cancel or reduce the length of your reservation.
  • Within 30 days of your pet’s arrival date, a $50 cancellation fee will be applied per reservation/per pet. The balance of the deposit will be moved to your “Farm In-Store Credit” and will be available for your use at any future date and for any Farm service. These deposits are never refundable.

Outside of Holiday Periods

  • Prior to 3 days before your pet’s arrival date, The Farm will refund 100% of your deposit should you cancel or reduce the length of your reservation.
  • Within 3 days of your pet’s arrival date, the deposit paid will be forfeited.

UPDATE September 2020

Mask-wearing mandatory for staff unable to maintain 6’ distance indoors and outdoors.

Mask-wearing mandatory for all shoppers and visitors to THR!VE Healthy Pet Market.

UPDATE April 23, 2020

The health of our clients, staff, and guests continues to be our primary concern as we monitor relevant announcements from the CDC and AVMA.  On April 22 the CDC reported that the virus has been detected in two cats in separate households in New York. Both had mild respiratory illness and are expected to make a full recovery. It is believed that the cats were infected by contact with an infected human. The AVMA notes: Currently we have no information that suggests that pets might be a source of infection for people with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. To date, globally, the only pets incidentally exposed to COVID-19 that have tested positive, with confirmation, for SARS-CoV-2 are two pet dogs and a pet cat in Hong Kong, and two pet cats in in the United States.”  https://www.cdc.gov and https://www.avma.org


The Farm continues to offer services needed by our clients while maintaining the safest environment possible (see standard precautions, below). While there are reassuring signs, including no outbreaks in household pets in New York or other “hot spots,” scientists continue to research whether cats may have greater susceptibility than dogs. Accordingly, the Management Team at The Farm has elected to institute an even higher level of precautionary care for our feline guests (housed separately in the Cat Cottage). Specifically:

  • The Cat Grooming Salon is currently closed.
  • Feline daycare has been temporarily suspended.
  • Cats are assigned condos a minimum of six feet from one another.
  • The Playroom, normally enjoyed by all feline guests, is now reserved for a family of cats who are currently boarding long-term.
  • (As has always been the case) The Farm’s 100% fresh air HVAC system does not recirculate/recycle air in our buildings.


The Farm continues to offer group play for daycare (Woof Club) and with select overnight lodging packages. However we also offer “human interaction only” alternatives:

  • Doggy Daycare “Day Boarding” packages mirror the Overnight Lodging packages and provide numerous options for daily exercise and activities where pets interact only with our handlers.   


  • Limiting the number of staff working at any given time, providing recommended physical distancing as they work with individual pets.
  • Dogs in The Salon do not interact with one another.
  • (As has always been the case) All tools and surfaces are disinfected between each dog.


  • Recommended Social Distancing has been practiced at The Farm since March 23rd including Social Distancing from clients during check-in and check-out.
  • Team members are required to wash their hands a minimum of 4 times per shift and always before and after handling a feline guest.
  • Team members are required to wear disposable gloves (changed frequently) when handling pets.
  • Common surface areas such as counters, doorknobs, drawer pulls, etc. are disinfected twice per shift at a minimum. Procedures in The Salon are even more stringent.
  • Equipment such as leashes are assigned to handlers per shift and disinfected nightly.

During this pandemic, people AND pets need the support of one another.
The Farm is here to help you both.

UPDATE April 3rd 2020.

The Farm continues, with a skeleton crew, to provide essential support services to those who continue to provide essential services to our local community. We will continue to provide essential food products and services required by our clients. When on our campus for any of our services, PLEASE strictly observe our Curbside Services and Safe Distancing Rules for your protection and the protection of our team members. With respect to food products, we are now providing Home Delivery Services to certain zip codes as well as Curbside Services.