Woof Training Program

This program is open to all Woof Club Members and is designed to introduce a dog to Basic Obedience or to reinforce previous Basic Obedience training. Our specially trained team works with your dog 2 sessions per day, 2 days per week for 4 weeks. The sessions are 15 to 30 minutes depending on the pet’s ability to focus and learn. Your pet’s Woof Training Program starts whatever day you choose: this is a customizable, one-on-one program that takes place during the regular daycare day. Payment for the 16 sessions is required in advance and you commit to a schedule of two designated days per week for 4 weeks. Once your dog starts training no substitutions or alternative dates will be permitted.
We also offer a One Day “Training Brush-Up” which offers 3 sessions over the course of one day and can be booked anytime.

Woof Training Program can be booked to start anytime with 48-hour notice. The rate for the 16-session program is $320 ($20/session). The rate for the one day “Brush Up” is $60 ($20/session). These rates are in addition to the normal Daycare rate. Dogs need to attend Woof Club for at least one month before training can begin.
Our team has been specially trained for these programs by Nikki Ivey (www.dogspeak101.com) a professional dog trainer who also leads our regular group training classes. For further information please call Training & Woof Club Manager, Chris Miller, on 615-627-0774 and find out how a fun day of play can also result in a well-behaved dog.

Woof Club Hours: MONDAY – FRIDAY 7am – 6pm.