Board & Train Programs

Professional Training with Positive Reinforcement

Build a solid foundation for continued growth and success by enrolling your puppy or older dog in our Training Camp. Learning basic verbal cues and being rewarded for good manners will help shape your dog into a happy, well-behaved companion and family pet.

*The Farm will never use any aversive dog training tools or methods such as electronic (e-collars) or choke collars. We believe it’s imperative that training is enjoyable. We want your dog to love working and training. Using pain and fear to achieve behavior is unacceptable and negatively affects your dog’s quality of life as well as potentially contributing to aggression.

Training Camp at The Farm:

An immersive experience where your dog receives training sessions during the day coupled with luxury boarding at night.

Basic Training Camp – 5 days/4 nights (Monday-Friday) $1,250

Obedience Plus Training Camp – 10 days/8 nights (Two consecutive Monday-Friday periods). $2,500

Program Details

1st Week-Introduction to Basic Obedience*

In one week your dog will learn “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “come” on verbal cue. We will consistently practice door and leash manners throughout the week, and discourage unwanted behaviors (jumping up, chewing leashes and leads, excessive barking, etc.) by encouraging appropriate ones. If your dog already knows any of these cues we will continue to reinforce those while moving forward at your dog’s pace. The introduction course will get you and your dog off to a great start!

*Continuing into the 2nd week is highly recommended to build more reliable, consistent behaviors

2nd Week-Basic Obedience Plus

We will continue advancing the behaviors learned in Introduction to Basic Obedience, adding duration, distance, and distractions to make those behaviors more consistent and reliable in various situations. We will focus on off-leash walking and recall. “Leave it,” and “touch” will be added to the verbal cues.                                                              

After completing our course you can expect your dog to be able to “sit”, “down”, “stay”,come”,leave it,” and “touch” on cue. Their behavior on leash will improve, and they will wait for the OK from you to walk through doorways. Their success moving forward will depend entirely on you. At the end of each week there will be a “Handover Meeting” with you to review progress, and to provide the methods and information used to achieve the wanted behaviors. Only with consistent practice and maintenance in everyday life can these behaviors be maintained.  Our trainers will also be happy to chat or email with you to provide basic training support and help you keep on track for the lifetime of your dog.

 Plus: THR!VE Nutrition Plan

Our nutritional add-on service offers the opportunity for a review of your dog’s current diet, and a healthy transition to a new diet while staying at The Farm. For details and to set up a consultation with Tiffany, click here!

If you are interested in this program but prefer your dog returns home each night, please email Chris@thefarmatnatcheztrace.com to discuss possible options.

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