Dog Lodging

Q: How do I know which Lodging Package is best for us?

A: Our packages provide options for both the social and the non-social dog at different activity levels and at several different prices. They “bundle”  activities to provide the best possible value-for-money in boarding. Regardless of which package you select, the consistency gives your pet the same schedule every day. This is something that pets find reassuring, especially those unused to being away from home.

Q: Are our pets supervised overnight?

A: Yes! The Farm is the only facility in middle Tennessee to provide 24-hour care to your pet. Our Overnight Supervisors work from 11pm until 7:30am and make rounds throughout the night, monitoring every guest. Their primary responsibility is ensuring that every pet is able to sleep comfortably and securely through the night, and they are always on hand for those older or younger who need extra, middle-of-the-night “potty breaks.” Should any emergency arise in the middle of the night, the Overnight Supervisor is on hand and can resolve it swiftly.

Q: Do you charge more for a large dog?

A: Nope.

Q: What is the best time to drop off for boarding?

A: We recommend bringing your pet in good time for their first activity of the day. You can see the schedules for each package on our Rates page. All pets, but especially first timers, benefit from several hours “settling in time” before they are served dinner. It gives us the opportunity to make them feel welcome, get them out for all their activities, and give them ample time to make themselves at home before night-time. Timid or anxious dogs will usually benefit from the same opportunity. Regular visitors and dogs who settle easily are welcome later if that works better for your schedule. Check-ins should be no later than 5pm although we can accommodate up to 6pm if requested.

Q: Do you have transportation services? Can you pick my pet up from my home?

A: Not yet (sorry!)

Q: Do you have indoor/outdoor runs?

A: No, all dogs have individual, indoor suites and are taken out by our handlers a minimum of five times daily starting at 6am and ending at around 10pm. Since we handle each dog individually we are unable to accommodate dogs who, for whatever reason, will not allow themselves to be leashed and taken from their suite by one of our staff. If your dog has any fear or aggression issues, give us a call to discuss whether an evaluation might be required before making a reservation.

Q: What personal things can I bring with my pet?

A: Under normal circumstances, we welcome personal belongings like favorite toys. However, as of March 2020 and in accordance with our policies to protect our staff and clients from surface contamination, we are limiting personal belongings to food and medications, which should be packaged in hard-surface (eg hard plastic) containers. We provide beds and, if needed, blankets. If your dog or cat really enjoys having a toy to play with or a chew on hand (on paw?) we can provide brand new toys and chews from our in-house THR!VE market, or you can send new toys and chews in their original packing.

Q: What are your late fees?

A: Boarding guests continue to follow the normal schedule of breaks and activities until they are picked up. Therefore a full night’s boarding rate applies to check-outs after 1pm.

Q: Will my dog share a room with another dog?

A: No. Each dog has his/her own suite. In the case of families, the owner has the option as to whether the dogs should board in the same suite or individually.

Q: Do you have web cams?

A: No. We have yet to determine a need for that level of surveillance given our unusually high staff/pet ratio, and the fact that we have round-the-clock care-givers working under experienced management. Our staff includes a full-time Pet Concierge whose sole responsibility is to ensure that all pets are happy and comfortable throughout their stay, and she can be directly contacted via cell phone or email for a detailed update on your pet.

Q: Are there any bath discounts for dogs staying overnight?

A: We offer a 10% discount on baths for our overnight guests: dogs and cats! This discount does not, however, apply to additional services such as deshed treatments or haircuts.

Q: Are Play Groups segregated by size?

A: We separate Group Play into three categories: large dogs, small dogs and toy dogs. All dogs are tested for safety and compatibility and the groups are carefully monitored to make sure everyone’s playing nicely. Keeping the dogs in weight-related groups ensures a safer environment for the smaller dogs. Please note that if there aren’t enough Toy Dogs signed up for Group Play on any given day, we will simply substitute another activity.

Q: Do the dogs go outside even when it’s cold and wet?

A: Mostly, yes, but that also somewhat depends on the dog! Scheduled “potty breaks” occur rain or shine! You are welcome to send a coat with your dog and we will use it as  needed for outdoor activities. We do have an indoor/outdoor play-yard and we also have very deep eaves around the building so it’s possible for your dog to be outside and still under cover from the elements. In the case of an old or heat/cold-sensitive dog, we may substitute one activity with another that is safer and more fun for the pet. Having said that, most dogs have no problem walking or playing fetch in the rain or the cold and our wonderful handlers are up for every challenge!

Q: Do you take aggressive pets?

A: At The Farm we must be able to safely handle each and every pet in order to provide the level of care we believe is necessary for the best boarding experience. We are experienced in handling dogs who are “dog aggressive”, who are afraid of strangers or who have had bad experiences boarding elsewhere. If you are concerned about boarding an “aggressive” dog please call for an evaluation and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: Can my dog and cat board together or visit together while boarding?

A: Unfortunately not. We understand how nice it would be to provide this option but we have yet to come up with a way of accommodating this safely. Having separate buildings for our canine and feline guests solves a lot of problems encountered elsewhere, but not this one!

Q: Will my dog ever be off-leash?

A: The Farm has seven fully-fenced Off-Leash areas. These are used for activities such as Playtime, Fetch, and Group Play. They are also available for off-leash potty breaks.

Q: What are the “additional escorted outings”?

A: Otherwise known as “potty breaks” these outings can be on-leash or off-leash and are generally  5-8 minutes long. If your pet is used to getting a verbal or hand signal before he relieves himself, please make sure that information is provided to us.

Q: What is Capstar and why is it given to every dog boarding at The Farm?

A: Capstar is a flea killer. Universal administration minimizes any chance that your pet will be exposed to fleas, both in the facility and through transmission from other dogs or cats. As it is administered orally, it does not conflict with your pet’s regular flea preventative. For further information click here.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Under normal circumstances, a reservation for a dog requires a deposit of $50 and we ask you give us 24-hour notice of cancellation so that we can refund that deposit. Notice received less than 24-hours before the date/time of arrival results in forfeiture of the deposit. For a cat, the deposit is $30.

For Holiday/High-Demand periods, such as Spring Break or Thanksgiving, we take a deposit equal to 50% of the basic overnight package for each night booked. This is refundable ONLY with 30 days notice.

e.g: a reservation for 1 dog and 1 cat for the period Dec. 21 – Dec. 31 would require we take a deposit of $375 for the dog (50% of $75 x 10) and $210 for the cat (50% of $42 x 10). Your cancellation for the night of Dec. 21st must be received by November 21st in order for that night’s deposit to be refunded.

Q: What are the Holiday/High Demand periods?

Holiday & High Demand periods can be viewed by clicking here.

Q: What are drop off and pick up times?

A: You can Check-In any time before 5pm. Pets – especially first-timers – will benefit from an earlier drop-off so they have time to get settled before dinner and bedtime. Check-out time daily is 1:00pm. You are welcome to pick up your pets from 1pm until 6pm but please be advised that there will be a late fee.