Q: What sets apart your Board & Train Camp from others?

A: We are a luxury facility with a stellar reputation over 16 years. Although our Training Camp (Board & Train) offers some unique features, it essentially provides a package that our clients have been asking for:

  • Positive Reinforcement Training
  • NO aversive training methods such as e-collars
  • Cage-Free Luxury Boarding Environment with 24 hour staffing
  • One week course for Basic Obedience cues “Sit”, “Down”, “Come”,Stay”
  • Two week course is recommended for consistency and will add “Leave It,” “Touch,” and expand all cues over duration and distance.
  • Door & Leash manners will be practiced consistently through the week, and unwanted behaviors will be discouraged.
  • Training Manager & Lead Trainer, Chris Miller, is a Pat Miller certified trainer, a member of the Association of Professional Trainers and of the AKC. He received his certification for Basic Canine Training and Behavior and Behavioral Modification Training under Pat Miller CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA.

Q: I love the idea of having you train our puppy for us, but what do we do when we get him home?

A: Consistency is key. We will teach you to use the same methods and techniques your pup has already learned to respond to at Training Camp. If you get stuck, you can call or email the trainer. We’ll provide as much information and support as possible so that you can successfully maintain your dog’s training following camp. Consistency and patience are most important – and everyone in the family has to be on the same page. If one person allows misbehavior, your dog may be confused as to what is being asked of him. But if everyone follows the plan, you will continue to see the results you are hoping for!

Q: Do you have transportation services? Can you pick my pet up from my home for their Training Camp?

A: Not currently, sorry!

Q: Can I leave my dog there for the entire two weeks of camp instead of picking up at the weekend?

A: Yes, certainly. You are welcome to pick any of our regular lodging packages for a weekend of fun before, after, or during the training period. Select from Lodging Package options here!

Q: Is the training indoors or outdoors during Training Camp?

A: Both. We use indoor rooms and hallways, as well as the playfields and nature trails for an interesting and well-rounded training experience.

Q: How much time will the Training Camp trainer spend with my dog on a daily schedule?

A: Approximately two hours daily. This is divided into individual sessions – including play –  to keep your pup engaged.

Q: What is the daily schedule for Training Camp?

A: First potty breaks start at 6am, followed by breakfast at 7am.  Training sessions take place between 9am and 4pm. Dinner is served at 5pm and is followed by a potty break. Last potty break at night is approximately 10:30pm. Should your puppy still be young enough to need potty breaks during the night, our Overnight Supervisor will make sure that happens.

Q: How do I register my dog for training?

A: Whether you are new to The Farm or already a client, start here to register and/or to request a reservation for Training Camp.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for Training Camp?

A: A deposit of 50% is required to make a reservation. This deposit is refundable with 21 days’ notice of cancellation.  The full payment is due by the first day of camp. 

Q: What are check-in and check-out times for camp?

A: Check in Monday 8am-9am.  Check out Friday after scheduled “Handover Session” with the trainer.

Q: What are your training methods for the Board & Train?

A: We use positive reinforcement training. Treats, praise, and play are used to reward wanted/appropriate behavior. We don’t use any training methods that may be aversive to your dog.  

Q: Does training at The Farm include behavioral problems like pulling or “mouthing”?

A: Any common unwanted behaviors like mouthing, jumping and excessive barking will be discouraged. You can expect to see a significant decrease in these types of behaviors following training. We do work specifically on “leash manners”.  

Q: How old does my pup need to be for Training Camp?

A: Training works best for dogs that have a reasonable attention span. All puppies need to be fully vaccinated before joining.