Day Care

Sometimes you just need to get out for the day…

BoredThese days we all know that feeling! Those who are getting used to the new normal of working from home, alongside your 2-year old and your bouncy Goldendoodle, might consider one of our Daycare programs. These programs are designed to provide you with a variety of options whether you want long-term Social Daycare or one of our new Day Boarding options that you can book anytime, even last minute.Taking your pet to The Farm at Natchez Trace for the day can solve all sorts of problems!

The Farm offers Feline Daycare as well as our Dog’s Day Out programs: Woof Club and Adventure Day Camp. Each program is available at The Farm with some notice. Please check individual program pages for days and times.

TO SIGN UP: If you are already a client, go to your Online Portal and request a reservation for Day Boarding, Woof Club Evaluation, or Feline Daycare. If you are not a client yet, register first, then request the reservation online or call Guest Services to set up your Evaluation or Daycare date! Just CLICK HERE to start.

Treat your pet–or pets–to a day at The Farm! We have a program which is sure to suit your special companion, rain or shine!