Special Needs


The Extra Mile

The Farm at Natchez Trace has earned a reputation as specialists in dealing with pets who need extra care as the result of injury, illness, disability or old age. Our high caregiver-to-pet ratio, and our experienced, compassionate 24-hour staff are the lynchpin of this.

To facilitate our staff in providing the optimal care for all guests we offer the following amenities:

  • Special meal preparation
  • Extra feeding times
  • Canine ramps and no-slip rugs
  • Low Foam Mattress
  • Owner-Provided Food, Water and Medications given as requested


TLC: Tender Loving Care

Many of our regular Overnight Packages are suitable for dogs who need some additional care. Should these packages not meet the needs of your pet, please review our TLC Package, listed on the bottom of the linked page, which are specifically designed for pets in their later geriatric years or who have specialized medical needs.

Medical Care

A veterinarian is on call 24 hours a day in case of emergency. If your pet should require medical attention while in our care our customary procedure is to contact your veterinarian. Should an office visit be deemed necessary, we reserve the right to use our on-call veterinarian (this decision depends on the nature of the condition and the travel time to your veterinarian). In all cases, we make every effort to contact you to keep you informed.