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Beauregard  is one of five or six Basset Hounds who regularly visit The Farm, and the only one to have been a guest since we opened our doors almost 10 years ago. There are at least three other “Bassett” breeds but the original hound dates back to at least the 1500’s. The first breed description […]

Featured Pet: Jack Crumbo

Jack Crumbo occupies a unique niche at The Farm: he is “the dog who chases shadows”.  If you can visualize a big, fluffy, 60lb dog in shades of grey, black, cream, and white madly pouncing around the sunny field like a cat chasing a laser pointer – then you can probably imagine why Jack attracts […]

FEATURED PET: Lyla Simmons

Whenever I hear the expression “zest for life”, I immediately visualize Lyla Simmons, our semi-resident party girl, bursting through the front door and rushing headlong for the fields! Lyla personifies exuberance, and tackles life with an energy that some would find wearing, but her parents are up to the challenge. They like that she keeps […]

Featured Pets: Conway and Dolly Powell

Conway & Dolly Powell made their mark on The Farm from the very beginning as adorable, cuddly, people-friendly kittens. They then grew into adorable, cuddly, people-friendly cats who have us all wrapped around their little fingers – I mean, little paws!  They are smart and playful and really, really, cute!  They know their names and […]

Featured Pet: Remi Nelms

Featured Pet, Remi Nelms, is a little over 3-years old and has been at The Farm over 370 times!  Remi first came for our Basic Obedience Classes in September 2010 when he was only a couple of months old.  His family wanted a dog they could take everywhere as part of the family so he […]

Featured Pet: Sophie Russell

Sophie Russell is a very special girl at The Farm: she is our first Cavanese (King Charles Cavalier X Havanese) and, in fact, is our only one to date! She is easy to spot when playing with her friends – she’s the whirlwind leading the pack and getting everyone to chase her. That’s Sophie’s idea […]

Featured Pet: Guthrie Wybel

Our featured pet this time around is Guthrie Wybel, a big, strong, slightly goofy Labrador mix who stays frequently at The Farm and enjoys tummy rubs and nature walks!  Guthrie lives with Sandy Wybel of Nashville and they are definitely a team. In fact, there’s nothing we can write about Guthrie that Sandy can’t say […]


Jax is the talker in the Ardoin family. We always know when Jax & Scarlet have arrived at the Farm as Jax announces their presence the minute they walk in the door! Since they are regular Woof Club members as well as “vacationers,” our Daycare Staff is very familiar with these two and amuse themselves […]

Featured Pets: Levy & Pippa Hogan

Golden Retrievers Levy & Pippa belong to the Hogan Family of Brentwood and are regular guests at The Farm, where their sweet and playful personalities make them firm favorites. Both come from the same line of Championship show dogs, Levy joining the family when he was 18 months old in the summer of 2009, Pippa […]

Featured Pet: Posh Krivchner

Posh Krivcher has got to be one of the youngest guests in our Featured Pet series but in her first year of life – and five vacations at the Cat Cottage – this Siamese kitten has charmed our entire staff.  She first came for a brief overnight when she was only a few months old, […]