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Jax and ScarletJax is the talker in the Ardoin family. We always know when Jax & Scarlet have arrived at the Farm as Jax announces their presence the minute they walk in the door! Since they are regular Woof Club members as well as “vacationers,” our Daycare Staff is very familiar with these two and amuse themselves by getting Jax to sing along with them from time to time. Daycare Manager, Emily Glascock says, “If you howl, Jax will always join in and howl right along with you! We have some great singalongs!” Doug & Jeanne Ardoin describe Jax as “good to go.” He’s always so happy, never in a bad mood, always looking for the next adventure. They found him ten years ago at a feed store in Houston (of all places to find a pure-bred Schnauzer!). He was the runt of the litter but his family says you’d never know that since he’s turned into such a brave little guy.Jax

Scarlet beautifully represents the feminine Schnauzer, being described by her family and everyone at The Farm as either “a lovable cuddle bunny” or “the best snuggler” or “a little sweetie pie.” She loves to sit in laps and she prefers the company of other Schnauzers – enjoying hanging out with her brother or her friend Tucker Hewitt when she’s in Woof Club. She also loves to “sunbathe” and in the winter she seems to really enjoy wearing sweaters – something not all dogs appreciate so much! Scarlet is now six years-old and joined the family in 2008. She was an owner surrender and given to the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston when she was just over a year old. We share the Ardoin’s happiness that she found herself a second chance and a terrific second family.

The Ardoins are big fans of the Mini-Schnauzer breed: “They are smart dogs and have great personalities.” We couldn’t agree more, and The Farm is delighted to have these two great personalities visit us every week.