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Featured Pets: Levy & Pippa Hogan

Levy showing a puppy Pippa, the ropes.

Golden Retrievers Levy & Pippa belong to the Hogan Family of Brentwood and are regular guests at The Farm, where their sweet and playful personalities make them firm favorites.

Both come from the same line of Championship show dogs, Levy joining the family when he was 18 months old in the summer of 2009, Pippa in July 2012. Happy Birthday to Pippa who just turned one year old in May!

The Hogan Family of Brentwood considers the pups a joy and are amused by their different personalities:

“Levy being the elder statesman of the two, is such a sweet, laid-back kind of guy who loves to take long walks, play fetch, and wrestle with Pippa. However, by 9:00 o’clock every evening he can be found curled up on the sofa winding down for the day, usually next to Dad. On the other hand Pippa is quite the “energizer bunny”……..she can usually be found at this time trying to get one last game of fetch or tug-of-war going. After a busy day of “Miss Energetic” Levy usually wants no part of anything but cuddling with Mom or Dad. Mom often spends this time playing with Pippa, as Levy lets everyone know he’s had enough of the cute puppy, as he gives a very low “I Mean Business” growl. Pippa wakes up going full speed with an “I’m excited to be alive” attitude! She is “on” Levy and Pippa Nowand ready to play from the minute she rises until the minute she is put in her room for the evening. Pippa loves playing with Levy, probably more than he likes playing with her! She is also quite the explorer who likes spending quality time outdoors every day getting to know the lay of the land in the back yard while she becomes better acquainted with all the wildlife that frequents her property.”

“Levy and Pippa are truly members of our family who bring joy to our life each and every day. To sum it up I would say: Having Levy and Pippa is a little piece of Heaven on Earth!!:-) We love them dearly, but they easily earn their keep with their unconditional love and loyalty to our family. What a true Blessing they are………all dogs must go to heaven………..how could it be heaven be without such wonderful creatures!!”