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Featured Pet: Molly Parton

If you happen to be at The Farm, out by the Barnyard, on a sunny morning and see a tiny Jack Russell Terrier running laps with the enthusiasm of a 2-year old, that would be frequent guest, Molly Parton……and, despite appearances, Molly is over 16 years old. Molly was born in the beginning of December […]

Featured Pets: Lucy and Sawyer Roush

Tom and Ann Roush of Brentwood have been bringing Lucy & Sawyer to The Farm for over four years now.  They travel frequently so Lucy & Sawyer have deep bonds with all of us at The Farm and are always welcome visitors. The Roushs have always had dogs but they say that these two are […]

Featured Pets: Aristotle & Oliver Greer

When you learn that Barbara Geer paid several visits to The Farm even before she moved her precious Birman cats from California to Franklin, then you know all you need to about the relationship between Aristotle, Oliver, and Barbara! Barbara remembers that the kittens were born in England on August 31, 1997 – the same […]

Featured Guests: Sam & Tegan Wells

Meet Sam and Tegan, The Farm’s Featured Guests for March. Both of these beautiful female Rhodesian Ridgebacks visit The Farm frequently while their owners, Mike and Lindsay Wells of Leipers Fork, are out of town. You might be surprised to learn that–though they are both purebreds and representatives of a breed that is only 44th […]

Featured Guests: Chief and Samson Ballard

Meet Chief and Samson, The Farm’s Featured Guests for February. Chief is a 9-year-old Japanese Mastiff and Samson (the larger of the two) is a 6-year-old English Mastiff. They belong to Lance and Ana Ballard of Nashville, and they come to The Farm frequently for boarding. Chief and Samson are most certainly “gentle giants,” always […]

Farm Featured Guest for January – Mercy

Meet Mercy, The Farm’s first Featured Guest for 2012. She is a gorgeous black Standard Poodle owned by Sindy Scalfi of Fairview, TN. Mercy is well-known at the Farm as one of our frequent “Dog’s Day Out” participants where she is a lively member of the “Woof Club.” We recently got in touch with Ms. […]

The Farm’s Featured Guests

              Meet Featured Guests Alex, Whitley and Sevenofnine Carter, owned by Tom and Sandy Carter of Franklin. These great pets have been frequent guests of The Farm for overnight lodging and Daycare. Whitley, the pretty Golden Retriever, was the first of the family to visit with us in August 2006. […]