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The Farm’s Featured Guests

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Meet Featured Guests Alex, Whitley and Sevenofnine Carter, owned by Tom and Sandy Carter of Franklin. These great pets have been frequent guests of The Farm for overnight lodging and Daycare.

Whitley, the pretty Golden Retriever, was the first of the family to visit with us in August 2006. She is almost 13 years old, although she wears her age very well. Next in the family to join us for overnight lodging in August 2007 was Sevenofnine, a domestic shorthair cat, now at age 6. Last but certainly not least came Alex, a spunky Labrador Retriever, joining The Farm’s guest list in December 2007. Alex is the “youngster” of the family at age 4.

Alex and Whitley are familiar faces at The Farm, and it’s always a joy to see them. They are both sweet, loving and lots of fun – enjoying Group Play with their friends while staying overnight – or when visiting for the “Woof Club,” Dog’s Day Out Daycare. Sevenofnine, with her catchy name, has lots of fans at The Farm. Like her famous namesake, there is no other cat like her. Exploring new places is among her favorite destinations!

We are honored to have the Carter family as clients of The Farm.