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Featured Guests: Chief and Samson Ballard

Chief & Samson BallardMeet Chief and Samson, The Farm’s Featured Guests for February. Chief is a 9-year-old Japanese Mastiff and Samson (the larger of the two) is a 6-year-old English Mastiff. They belong to Lance and Ana Ballard of Nashville, and they come to The Farm frequently for boarding.

Chief and Samson are most certainly “gentle giants,” always going about their day with good humor, and their favorite lodging package is “The Dog Who Thinks He’s a Human.” They absolutely love their playtime sessions in the field with a handler, where they like to romp around for a while and then take a break for some back scratches. Their dad says that he knows they are having a great time if the generally-dour Samson is smiling in his photos!

Their dad also says that they are “spoiled rotten” at home: they have their own bedroom with orthopedic beds that they sleep on (just like at The Farm!). Samson loves nothing more than playing with his toys, and can often be seen following Mr. Ballard around with one in his mouth. Chief also follows his dad everywhere; the only thing that can distract him is eating, his other favorite activity!

Chief and Samson feel like a part of our family with their unique and winning personalities and their steady natures. We are always honored to have them visit us.