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Farm Featured Guest for January – Mercy

Meet Mercy, The Farm’s first Featured Guest for 2012. She is a gorgeous black Standard Poodle owned by Sindy Scalfi of Fairview, TN. Mercy is well-known at the Farm as one of our frequent “Dog’s Day Out” participants where she is a lively member of the “Woof Club.”

We recently got in touch with Ms. Scalfi and she translated Mercy’s dogspeak for us, giving us an update since she’s been out of town for a few weeks. 

“Hi! Right now I am having a great time inLouisianawith my Mom, brother and sister.  My brother and sister are both 15 and don’t like playing with me like my friends at The Farm.  I REALLY miss them, but will see them soon.”

We asked Mercy what she likes to do at home, since we normally only see the “party-girl” side of her.

“When I don’t get to play with my Farm friends, my Mom and I play ball in the big back yard a few times a day.  She hits the tennis ball with the tennis racket as far as she can and I run as fast as I can to get it and bring it back to her. I am quite good at this and I bring it right to her open hand—or I wait and make her ask me to come a little closer so I can reach her hand. It’s a game!! Ha… We also go for walks in the park and I run errands with her during the day.”

While Mercy has been on vacation, she’s been learning the meaning of self-control. Since her Mom is a dog trainer, she gets lots of practice. “I love watching birds and squirrels through the big window and I am learning not to go crazy when they bounce around on the ground! That’s really hard!”

Mercy also enjoys visiting her human grandmother—where she gets to practice her manners—and her canine friend Cooper.

On the subject of her favorite food, Mercy says, “I love any treat, but my Mom doesn’t give me much variety…mostly chicken and banana with vitamins in them and freeze-dried hearts! Oh my!”

 Mercy is not the first Standard Poodle her Mom has owned, but Mom always treats her like an only child. It has been wonderful to watch Mercy blossom from a shy momma’s girl on her first day of Woof Club to the life of the party.

“I am the great niece of the beautiful dog my mom had for 15 years before I came.  Mom met lots of puppies and dogs, but when she found me, she knew I was the one!!  I am SO happy and I think she is too!”

We are also very happy to be a part of Mercy and her Mom’s lives and we can’t wait for her to get back from vacation!