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Featured Pet: Remi Nelms

Remi in a rare, quiet momentFeatured Pet, Remi Nelms, is a little over 3-years old and has been at The Farm over 370 times!  Remi first came for our Basic Obedience Classes in September 2010 when he was only a couple of months old.  His family wanted a dog they could take everywhere as part of the family so he needed to be well mannered. They also believed it was important that he be socialized properly with other dogs so, as soon as he was old enough, they enrolled him in the Woof Club where he’s made many, many friends – both four-legged and two-legged!  It’s been a delight watching him blossom!

Remi lives in Franklin with Danny & Dana Nelms and son, Bryant.  “Remi” is short for “Bryant’s Remington Bullet.” Bryant had asked for a dog for many years and the family chose to wait until he was old enough to care for him too. “Remington Bullet” was the name he came with and, if you see this dog run, you would agree that it’s appropriate.

Remi is a Brittany Spaniel, technically a “bird dog” though the family say he is much more interested in chasing the squirrels in the yard than paying attention to the birds. His nickname is “Forrest Gump” because he is always “ruuunnning”.  Dana say that when he is not at The Farm he runs 2 to 3 hours each day!

She also shares that Remi believes all treats come in pairs: his favorites are chicken jerky and dried apples wrapped in chicken. Remi in actionHe will take the first treat to a rug in the family room, eat it and then come back for seconds. Because it has always been a challenge to keep Remi from getting too skinny, the family always gave him a second one so now he thinks that is how all treats come- in pairs!

The family agrees that without doubt, the most endearing thing about Remi is that he always wants to be near them; whether it’s on the beach (where he’ll run morning and evening and sit under the umbrella during the day – and run away from the waves!), mowing the grass, watching TV or fishing on Saturday morning he wants to be there.

Dana commented that someone here at The Farm told her that Remi always seems happy. He comes in happy with his tail wagging, ready to great everyone. She says that is exactly how he is at home too. He just seems happy. “Remi is a great family pet and there is no doubt that he loves his life and his family. We cannot imagine life without him.”