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Featured Pet: Posh Krivchner

Adult PoshPosh Krivcher has got to be one of the youngest guests in our Featured Pet series but in her first year of life – and five vacations at the Cat Cottage – this Siamese kitten has charmed our entire staff.  She first came for a brief overnight when she was only a few months old, then came back for a longer visit for Thanksgiving last year and that was when we fell in love.

Posh lives with Ilsa & Charles Krivcher of Nashville who are huge fans of the breed and have had Siamese cats since 1971. Their previous cat, Ritz, died on Memorial Weekend of last year and by July, the Krivchers realized that they just had to have another in their lives. Their search ended when they found Posh in rural Tennessee.Cutest Kitten Posh

Ilsa describes Posh as a very affectionate companion. She loves attention and insists on walking her parents to the door when they leave, then coming to greet them the moment they return.  “Among her most interesting characteristics are the funny little noises she makes when she communications to us. She seems to be speaking “cat talk” rather than just meowing.”

Posh likes to chat at The Farm too.  She is playful, friendly and has a distinct sense of humor.  She LOVES to play in the Playroom and is a delight to be with.  We are looking forward to many, many years with Posh visiting us for her vacations.