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Featured Pet: Jack Crumbo

Jack CrumboJack Crumbo occupies a unique niche at The Farm: he is “the dog who chases shadows”.  If you can visualize a big, fluffy, 60lb dog in shades of grey, black, cream, and white madly pouncing around the sunny field like a cat chasing a laser pointer – then you can probably imagine why Jack attracts attention!

Jack is a handsome Pyrenees-Border Collie mix, who lives with Kevin and Katie Crumbo & family of Nashville. The story, as Katie tells it, is that Jack was adopted from the Nashville Humane Shelter on January 7, 2012 when he was 8 weeks old:  “My husband and oldest son went to go “look” at puppies and they played with tons of them. They liked Jack because he was playful, but didn’t bark. Our youngest son chose Jack’s name. He named him after Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean because he has an eye patch like our Jack. AND we love that movie…”

Jack quickly became one of the family: “He likes to be a part of our family and is very tuned-in to what is going on: if we’re excited, he’s excited! He likes to be in the same room with us: if we’re eating dinner, he’ll go eat dinner; if we are watching TV, he’ll hang out in the TV room; if we go for a ride in the car, he wants a ride too.”

Jack is universally considered to be very, very, smart. His family thinks so, and we at The Farm think so too. We also agree that, while not a big barker, Jack can communicate with humans very effectively by his body movement, the tilt of his head, or by giving you a certain look. His family says that Jack can “give you the eye” like nobody else!

Jack has two favorite things. First – he likes to walk the boys to and from school. He not only gets a nice walk but he relishes the attention from the other children as he drops off and picks up.  Jack in actionThere are always admirers and friendly pats along the way. He always knows when 3PM rolls around and looks expectantly at Katie. His second favorite thing to do right now is to catch consecutive Frisbees around the yard. He is up to 6!  Jack needs a lot of physical and mental fun activities and, lucky dog that he is, he found himself in the perfect family, with energetic, Frisbee-throwing boys who keep things lively by frequently inventing new games for him to join.

We asked the Crumbos why Jack is such a good fit for them. “Things can be a little hectic around our house and that doesn’t seem to bother him. I actually think he enjoys it which is why he is a good match for us. And did we mention that he loves to chase light? At home, if you get out a flashlight, chaos ensues!”

Jack is a frequent Woof Pack and Woof Club member who chases shadows at The Farm and chases light at home. With these long evenings drawing in, our daycare team is already ordering flashlights and anticipating lots more fun with Jack!