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The Gigers’ new pet “George”

GeorgeThe Farm’s staff always gets excited when old familiar faces are paired with fresh faces and tail wags, and when we learn that “so-and-so has a new brother or sister” arriving that day, they can’t wait to meet them!

George and JosieGeorge the Berger Picard

For the last year and half, Keith and Eileen Giger of Franklin and their family have been bringing their first Berger Picard, Josie, to The Farm’s Dog’s Day Out program. Josie is fun-loving and very active, and has a great time participating in any activity, from group play to excursions on the nature trail. A couple of weeks ago we learned that they had a new Berger Picard, a puppy named George!

The Gigers got George from the same breeder that they got Josie from. The Berger Picard is a very rare and unique breed, a French herding dog dating back to the 9th century. You may be familiar with the breed without knowing it…that’s because the Berger Picard was featured as the canine star in the movie Because of Winn Dixie! There are only a few hundred of the breed in the U.S., and the Gigers want to help preserve the breed. One day they hope to have very beautiful puppies from Josie and George:  “George was chosen for us by our breeder, specifically to enhance the positive traits of both dogs with resulting offspring.”

Where did the name “George” come from, we asked? The family says, “The choice of his name was a true family effort.  After much deliberation everyone felt his cute face just said, ‘George.'”

We think his name fits perfectly! We are looking forward to watching George grow up.

If you are one of our clients and just added a new canine or feline friend to your family, let us know! Email kelda@thefarmatnatcheztrace.com and send us a picture and a few details, and we’ll gladly feature your new addition on this page.