Yes, it’s tough out there…. but we are still here for you and your pets. Tell us what you need.

After 16 years of service to our clients, we are not going anywhere. We know that you are facing unusual challenges and we are flexible to changing needs. Tell us what you need to help you with your pets and we’ll figure it out. Here’s what we’re doing now:

Curbside Service: Our staff will meet you outside and take your pet from the back of your car, returning her/him to the back when you pick-up. Social Distancing makes sense.

Pet Food from THR!VE now online: We provide the same Curbside Service for Pet Food pickup. Order here or just give us a call, then swing through the driveway and we’ll drop it off in your trunk. And don’t forget the treats…we all need those right now!

Daycare: The Farm proudly offers THREE daycare programs: Feline Daycare, Woof Club (for social dogs) and the Singular Dog Program. If having quality-time 24/7 with a bouncy pet turns out to be more than either of you can handle, please give us a call. We promise we can help.

Lodging: If you have to travel, you can still rely on us for the highest quality of luxury boarding for your dogs and cats, with 24/7 staffing.

Training Classes: Due to the small class sizes and the enormous space, we are still able to offer obedience classes on our normal schedule. Participants must practice Social Distancing…..their dogs, not so much…

Now, what else do you need?

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