Day Care

Sometimes you just need to get out for the day…

BoredIs your Labrador just too bouncy at the end of your workday? Does your new puppy need to be socialized in a safe and healthy environment? Is your housekeeper terrified of your Jack Russell? Is your Bulldog chewing the sofa from boredom? Can you trust the work crew not to let your cat escape out the back door? Taking your pet to The Farm at Natchez Trace for the day can solve all sorts of problems.

The Farm offers Feline Daycare as well as our Dog’s Day Out programs: The Woof Club and The Singular Dog. Daycare is available at The Farm with advance notice. Please check individual program pages for days and times.

Treat your pet–or pets–to a day at The Farm! We have a program which is sure to suit your special companion, rain or shine!