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Leiper’s Fork Christmas Parade

On Saturday, December 10th Leiper’s Fork hosted its annual Christmas parade. The parade featured a wide variety of sights, but our favorite (you’ll never guess!) was our very own The Farm at Natchez Trace’s parade float.

The Farm’s “Hay Ride”float featured over 20 dogs (and their humans) ranging from Charlie, the 155-lbKomondor to Peanut, the 8lb Chihuahua, all collaborating to make a festive display that made its way down Main Street. Julie Stein was also present with her locally-famous rescue pit bull “Snow” right on top of the float. Check out some captured scenes in the pictures below!

Besides the great fun that both spectators and participates had during the parade, the event also contributed to charity. Everyone was asked to donate supplies to the Williamson County Animal Shelter to bring a little holiday cheer to needy animals this season.

Thanks to the Farm’s friends and family who joined us and made the day so much fun!