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New Training Class offered at The Farm: Off-leash and E-collar Class

The Farm announces a brand new training class we are offering for the first time next week!

Have you ever wished to have your dog perfectly-behaved off leash? Do you wish to deepen your bond with your dog, and establish a line of communication where your dog listens to you and responds eagerly?

This class is a great opportunity for you to realize that dream. The tools are simple: Jon Stolzer, head trainer of Canine Inc. will guide you through the process of acclimating your dog to and training with an electronic collar.

This class does NOT teach a traditional “shock collar” method. Instead, you will utilize low-stimulation signals from the collar (which in no way cause pain). The method is non-punitive, meaning the collar is not used as punishment; instead, it is a very effective means of tactile communication, similar in theory to clicker training. The benefits of this is that your dog will be soon able to respond to your commands while off-leash, and at range.

To see the kind of results you will aiming for, check out this great video on Canine Inc.’s website of one of the dogs that Jon Stolzer trained using the e-collar and now responds beautifully to his owner off-leash. (click here for direct link)


When: Tuesday, April 10th for 6 consecutive weeks. 6:30-7:30pm.
Where: The Farm’s Lobby
Cost: $600 (includes the collar)

To sign up: email kelda@thefarmatnatcheztrace.com or call (615) 662-6628 and ask for Angela or Kelda.