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2013 “Pet Matters” Seminar Series

The Farm at Natchez Trace is excited to announce our upcoming 2013 seminar series. Fostering Rescue Dogs Seminar: MGTRR President Sarah SherckNow in its 8th year, the Pet Matters Seminar Series is held on the 3rd Sunday of the month, April through September, at 2:00pm in our lobby. The seminars are always free and open to the public, although reservations are suggested. Tours of the facility are available for newcomers and returning guests alike!

April 21st
Creature Care for Kids!
with Shana King, Director, Lovie’s Legacy

The Farm invites you AND your children to help us welcome back Shana King, Executive Director of Lovie’s Legacy, for her second visit to share with us the educational program, Creature Care. Also joining Shana will be one of the Pet Partner teams to help teach the children about the basic needs, wants and feelings of animals. Aimed at children ages K-3 grade, the Creature Care program is designed to reach children during their impressionable years to teach them the importance of being kind to animals, how to avoid being bitten, and the many jobs in the community that incorporate animals. Lovie’s Legacy has the proud distinction of being the only group approved to bring a live animal into Metro Schools to teach this program.

May 19th
Flea & Tick Problems & Solutions
with Animalia Health and Wellness

Plenty of pests pose health risks to humans, but there are also those that can be dangerous for other beloved family members— our pets. Summer is the prime season for ticks and fleas and prevention is key to keeping your pet healthy. Dr. Blake Malone of Animalia Health and Wellness joins us to discuss the newest developments in Flea & Tick prevention based on the latest research. Discover what products are available for prevention, what is safe, and what is best for your pet.

June 16th
Better with Age – Senior Pets
with Little House Animal Hospital

Our pets are living longer than ever due to improved veterinary care and dietary habits. However extended life spans usher in a new set of health related problems. Dr. Kristen Frevert and Dr. Kathleen Kunkel of Little House Animal Hospital will discuss feeding and exercise, as well as common illnesses and diseases that afflict our older best friends.

July 21st
Cat Behavior
with Pam Johnson-Bennett

Joining us this year is nationally acclaimed Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and internationally recognized author of multiple award-winning books on cat behavior, Pam Johnson-Bennett, to discuss her innovative techniques for multiple-cat households, litter box concerns, aggressions and other common feline behavioral issues. Pam is one of the most well-known experts on feline behavior. She is a clinical member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants as well as being the Founder and Chair of the IAABC Cat Division. Pam is also the owner of Cat Behavior Associates, LLC, a private veterinarian-referred behavior company in Nashville, TN.

August 18th
Therapy ARC
with Linda Brewer, Vice Chairperson, Therapy ARC

Linda Brewer, Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Head Screener, for Therapy ARC to share insightful information on what it takes for you and your pet to become a successful therapy team. In evaluating potential therapy teams, both skills and aptitude for doing therapy work are assessed. This ensures that the animal has the necessary training to ensure that they are controllable and have the aptitude necessary to remain predictable and reliable in a variety of situations and settings. The handler must also demonstrate social skills and ability to work with a variety of people in different settings. The success of a visiting animal program depends upon the ability of a handler and their animal to work together as a team.

September 15th
Sporting Dogs as Family Pets
with Trey Shearon, Owner, Shearon Kennels

Ever wondered why everyone in your neighborhood has a Retriever? Have you ever stopped to consider why you can never find your pet Spaniel in the long grass? Does owning a Pointer contribute to a man’s inability to ask for directions? Mark your calendar for the answers to these questions plus advice on finding, training, and working the perfect sporting dog/family pet. Guest lecturer will be Trey Shearon, trainer and owner of Shearon Kennels, where dogs are trained to be obedient and happy members of the family first, and to hunt second. Trey also tests and competes with his own dogs and will provide an outdoor demonstration, weather permitting.


A question and answer session will follow each seminar. Refreshments provided.  To reserve your spot for any or all of our seminars in 2013, please register online or call 615-662-6628.