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2015 “Pet Matters” Seminar Series

The Farm at Natchez Trace is excited to announce the schedule for our upcoming 2015 seminar series. Now in its 10th year, the Pet Matters Seminar Series is held on the last Sunday of the month, April through September. Admission is FREE, but space is limited. Contact The Farm at (615) 662-6628 or Community@thefarmatnatcheztrace.com to reserve your seat. Seminars take place at either1:30pm or 2pm and include a question and answer session. Refreshments provided. Tours of the facility always available! Parking is available in the circular drive in front of the main building just past the white farmhouse. Additional parking is located near the Farm house. Signs will be posted. Tours offered for newcomers and returning guests alike!

April 26th
Dog Behavior

with Nikki Ivey of DogSpeak

Does a tail wag always mean a dog is happy? Does showing teeth always mean aggression? The truth is, dogs use body language to talk to each other and to us all the time, but sometimes we humans just don’t get it. In this two hour seminar, professional dog trainer, author, canine behaviorist and owner and founder of DogSpeak, Nikki Ivey, will reveal the secrets to understanding “man’s best friend”. You will learn safe and responsible ways to interact with dogs at home or in public. Since 1996, Nikki has been working to help pet owners and professionals internationally to better understand their canine companions, promoting the healthiest possible relationship a person can have with their dog. So if you love dogs and you are looking to have a better understanding of what they’ve been saying to you, call or email us to reserve your spot for this informative seminar! Always free and open to the public! Call or email to reserve your spot!

May 31st
Therapy Dogs

with Linda Brewer of Therapy ARC

Linda Brewer of Therapy ARC discusses what it takes for you and your pet to partner in this work.
Sometimes all it takes to make someone’s day better is to be able to cuddle with a furry friend, give a head rub, or get a loving lick on the hand. If you’d like to see if you and your dog have what it takes to become a part of this rewarding program, call or email today to reserve your spot as Vice Chairperson of Therapy ARC, Linda Brewer, speaks about the wonderful world of therapy work! (This seminar is for two-legged guests only. Please do not bring your pets)

June 28th
Senior Pets

with Little House Animal Hospital

Nothing quite compares to the bonds we develop with our senior pets. The veterinarians form Little House Animal Hospital will help us to better understand the ailments our pets may develop, how to delay some inevitable conditions and how to help them enjoy their Golden years.

July 26th
Pets with Anxiety

with Dr. Beth Strickler of Blue Pearl Veterinary Practices

Separation anxiety, hyperactivity, compulsive behavior and aggression are only a few of the problems that can occur in pets with anxiety. Dr. Beth Strickler of Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners, Board Certified in Veterinary Behavioral Medicine joins us to provide essential information that can help you find the best treatment for your furry friend.

August 30th
Cat Behavior

with Pam Johnson Bennett Therapy

Syndicated cat behaviorist Pam Johnson Bennett, takes a break from her Animal Planet TV show to join us again this year to discuss her revolutionary “Think Like a Cat” approach to feline behavior! She will examine techniques for multiple-cat households, litter box concerns, aggression and other common feline behavioral issues.

September 27th
Pet Nutrition

A primer in learning about the best diets for your pets’ health, longevity and happiness.