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Product of the Week: July 19, 2013 – Shampoos and Deep Conditioner

ShampoosOur Boutique Manager, Jo Graham, is always looking for new quality products for your pets.  Now you can take home the same scents that you’ve been requesting after Fido’s Farm Spa groom.  The  Aroma Paws collection of shampoos  contain no dyes, parabens, alcohol, salt, phosphates, or synthetic fragrances. Not only do all of them smell wonderful, but they each promote a different healthy quality in your pet’s skin and coat. All are tearless, PH balanced, bio-degradable and eco-friendly as well.

We are also carrying their 17 ounce deep conditioning treatment which is blended with Organic Avocado & Coconut Oils for a deeply conditioned coat & Organic Aloe Vera Extract to soothe skin. Formulated for animals with sensitive skin, dogs with long coats and undercoats. pH balanced formula detangles & conditions and is safe for use on all animals. Will leave your dog’s skin & coat hydrated and unbelievably soft!

The shampoos are available in 12 ounce bottles:

  • Lavender Chamomile Anti-Itch & Hot Spot Relief
  • Honeysuckle Jasmine Dry Skin & Dandruff Relief
  • Mandarin Green Tea Shiny Coat Formula
  • Coconut Hawaiian Papaya Sensitive Skin Formula
  • Pomegranate Cucumber Fluffy Shiny Coat
  • Vanilla Bean Lemongrass Natural Coat Brightener
  • Sweet Orange Nutmeg Shiny Coat & Calming
  • Geranium Orchid Peony Moisture Rich, Anti-Itch