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Progress report: E-Collar and Off-Leash Class

A few weeks ago, we announced a new class offered by Jon Stolzer and The Farm: an “E-Collar and Off-Leash Class.”

E-collar and Off-Leash class: sitting on a "place"Now on week 4 0f 6, the class has been progressing wonderfully as owners and their dogs learn how to communicate better with each other. In the photos below (taken during Week 3), you can see how much the dogs seem to be enjoying the class, as evidenced by their attentiveness to their owners (although the fact that they sometimes get treats is an added bonus!).

As you can see, there were a few basic things that the class covered in this session, with e-collar used only as, according to Jon, “a tap on the shoulder” letting the dog know what is expected of them.

  • Using a cot to teach a dog to go to a specific “place”
  • Walking loosely on a leash
  • Getting distracted at the end of the long line and then responding to the call to “come”