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The Farm’s Cat Cottage Playroom Improvements

If you haven’t been over to the Cat Cottage in a while, you should ask to take a look! This past summer we completely redecorated the Playroom and loaded it with everything a cat could ask to have.

First of all, we asked local artist and animal-lover Julie Tucker to create a mural to grace two of the room’s walls. She works in a variety of mediums, from conté to acrylic to graphite, doing illustrations, portraits, murals, and decorative art. She is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, and she teaches art at The Renaissance Center in addition to a variety of freelance work. Julie is also one of the four artists featured in our lobby offering art by commission.

For the mural in the cattery, she began laying down areas of color progressively over several weeks’ worth of sessions. In the gallery below, you can see the steps from start to finish. The final mural is refreshingly bright and playful, with mounds of cheerful clouds and sun-kissed grass. It also features iconic “Tennessee native” flora and fauna, including coneflowers, bluebirds, and monarch butterflies.

Local Leiper’s Fork craftsman Tod Ode, who credits his cat “Desiel Cummings” aka “The Dez” with the design, built the beautiful “Kitty Jungle Gym” that fills half of the room with interactive ramps, climbing posts, and perches. The design is elegant and clean, executed in pale unfinished wood and carpet that has a cat-friendly tactile quality.

Together, these elements create a space that we are very proud of! The Playroom and the Kitty Jungle Gym give visiting felines a chance to romp and relax in a safe environment.